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GPS Origins Ancestry Test
Pinpoint Your DNA


  • GPS Origins includes many unique ancestral informational markers that cannot be found in other commercial tests

  • It utilizes 80,000 autosomal DNA markers, which are compared to 1,000+ reference populations

  • and 41 gene pools for the most targeted bio-geographical results possible—sometimes down to the town or village level

  • If you’ve already done a different ancestry test, GPS Origins helps to provide an even more complete picture of your heritage


Online Interactive Test Results Include:

  • Maps of the top three ancestral origins (the gene pools or ancestral communities that contributed to significant portions of genetic makeup) along with the percentages of DNA inherited from each

  • A comprehensive gene-pool profile containing your complete DNA percentages

  • A detailed map illustrating maternal and paternal migration journeys, showing the last three places

  • and times when your family’s DNA signature went through a significant change with stories describing how your ancestors’ circumstances may have changed as they crossed territories and continents to find better lives

Image by Jeremy Bishop

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